Wednesday, October 26, 2011

My life as a semi-stressed, caffeinated, sleep-deprived, ON CAMPUS student. :D

Guess what, everyone? I'm in college!!!!111!!1!1 [insert obnoxious emoticons here]

There, consider yourself updated.



Honestly, if I posted that, I think I would be legitimately concerned about lynching. Or something.

But I'm really not sure where to start. Obviously, I haven't blogged since I left for college. Which means that a lot has happened, although at least not a whole semester has gone by. But basically, I moved in, was orientified, spent a stressful first week trying to drop and add classes and figure out my schedule, started my job here, studied like mad, met lots of cool people, studied like mad, went to two dances, studied like mad, took exams, experienced the phenomenon known as homecoming, studied like mad, wrote papers, and made it through midterms. And also, studied like mad.

So that's the Reader's Digest edition.

Sadly, it's just not possible to exhaustively cover every week and every experience I've had. Which means I'm gonna resort to the shortcut that I seem to always fall back on: bullet points of the highlights.

What I've learned so far:
-It is possible to act civil and even talk coherently on 1 1/2 hours of sleep.
-I've broken my record for staying up late studying...5:30 AM is the new record. Heh.
-Study groups are awesome.
-Coffee is also fantastic. (Even if it doesn't actually keep me awake, it's good for the studying atmosphere, you know?)
-Seniors and their wisdom are invaluable. Especially their study guides and exam advice.
-I can drive a golf cart without killing anyone.
-I have learned how to mop with sooo little water and to tie beautiful looking trash bags. Don't ask...
-The radio that I use for work makes me feel important, even if I never use it...
-I've only lost my key card once...and then found it in a classroom. :)
-I haven't failed anything. Yet.
-Capture the flag in the dark is way cool.
-It's weird how exciting a kitchen and the potential for making REAL food is after so much dining hall food.
-Swing dancing is epic.
-High heels should be more comfortable.
-It's hard to remember to turn off my phone in class. The only time it's gone off though was Christian Study Group...during prayer...while I was praying. Kind of distracting...
-Study sessions right before midterms are the best. And whiteboarding (filling white boards with info for exams) is super helpful. You should see my Public Admin drawings... :P
-I literally fell asleep in the laundry room the other night. Totally disturbed my roommate who found me in there and thought there was something seriously wrong with me...
-It rains a lot here. Aaaand guess who didn't bring an umbrella?
-Also, the fall leaves are not nearly as bright as NY. Not that I'm complaining about the's been SO warm and sunshiny!
-I've only slept past the beginning of my 7:15 work shift once...and I managed to be clocked in within six minutes of the wake-up phone call. :P
-I got to go campaigning!!!! (I missed it tremendously.)
-My major (American Politics and Policy track of the government major) is officially declared, and I'm registered for spring classes!!
-Market Street coffee shop is a happy place. And it's within walking distance. And I neeeeever get lost walking back to campus from there. Oh no.
-It's totally possible to do three midterms and two work shifts within twenty-four hours. God is good.
-Homecoming is fun. I dyed my hair black and dressed like a hipster...(temporary dye, btw). :P
-It's nice to have real-life professors. And I definitely go to their offices and bug them.

Aaanyhow, I'm going to leave it at that for now. Hopefully I'll do a post with pictures sometime this semester. :)