Tuesday, January 8, 2013

In which I become a spoiled rich kid...

No really, that's how I feel! Very spoiled. 

After living in a four-person room for three semesters on campus (and sharing a bathroom with five other girls there) and living with nine other people at home, it feels very strange to suddenly have a bedroom, bathroom, and office to myself. Living with grandmommy (what Kevin's family calls their grandma) definitely has its perks! 

First off, pretty cool neighbors. ;) She lives on the same property as Kevin's family, so it's a short walk to his house. 

Also, my own bathroom, with a double sink and lots of storage space.

My own shower, with amazing water pressure (stay in there too long and you'll come out bald :P) and water that's hot right away...both of those are new to me, don't judge! 

My own office, complete with bright orange shag carpet...um, groovy. Or something. 

This is where I'll write my 50-page paper this spring...yay.

The office is right down the hall from my bedroom...

...which has a full-size bed. It feels gigantic to me! 

Lots of closet space...this is just one of the closets in my room, but I don't really need the other one. 

My bedroom window...

I'm not saying how many of these dressers are filled with my clothes...

And this is what I use to tell grandmommy whether I'm home or not. We're both gone a lot (and I'll be gone a lot more once school, work, and internship start up), so I turn this (the other side says "IN") when I walk in and out the door.

This picture is just for Erika...I thought you'd like to see my fuzzy slippers. I know, they're so not me but I know you'll approve. :P 

So there you have it...I hope to post later once the semester gets going and I have a better idea of what's going on! 

I'm getting married!

So much has happened since my last post (July)...it's definitely time for an update!

This entire blog has just gone through a major upheaval. I went through and deleted a bunch of old posts, some of them dating back to 2007, when I started this blog. Much of what I wrote then is either outdated (political races long over) or just plain stupid. I mean, come on....I was 16! 

As far as updates, I've decided that instead of writing one horrifically long post, I'll be posting a few of them.

Here are the highlights though:

- at the end of summer (the longest of my life), when my internship ended, my dad and brother drove me back down to Maryland, where my boy was waiting for me at the end of the road. I couldn't jump out of the car fast enough to hug him! 

- we spent the last remaining days of summer vacation visiting his summer workplace, his grandparents, his favorite restaurants, and floating lazily around their pond. He tried to teach me how to swim (yeah, I know, I'm too old for this!)...but that project is to be continued next summer. Here we are at Baugher's, a restaurant his grandparents always took the kids to: 

- school started back up again. Kevin and I were both promoted, me to supervisor working for the facilities department on campus and him to squad leader on campus security. The pay increase was a huge blessing, especially because I was working about 21 hours per week.

- I was taking 15 credits, including probably the most difficult class PHC offers, Principles of Biblical Reasoning. The first part of the semester was kind of intense while I got ready for my presentation/debate in that class. Kevin and I both took the same class (Film) together on Monday nights.

- every weekend, Kevin and I drove back to his house in Maryland (only 50 minutes or so from PHC) to do laundry, go to church (and teach Sunday School), do homework, and recharge.

- over Labor Day weekend, my mom and three sisters came to visit.

-for homecoming, the senior class dressed up as Romans:

- I shared a room with three super sweet girls, who put up with my early mornings and frequent disappearances to study with a certain boy. Here we are dressed up for Faith and Reason Day:

-it was two months ago today that Kevin proposed to me...and I said yes! This was over Fall Break in November.

- when we got back to school after getting engaged, my friends had a candlelight ceremony for me (a PHC tradition where all the girls gather to find out who's engaged. We pass a taper candle around the room with the engagement ring on it, and whoever is engaged blows out the candle.)

- at the end of the semester, we went to the Christmas Ball. Kevin gave me six red roses, one for each month until we get married.

- Kevin and I drove to NY for most of Christmas break. It was great to spend time with family and friends and get started on wedding planning and shopping. We spent 9 hours in Erie one day looking at dresses, veils, shoes, and jewelry!

- all together, I had 6 Christmases...with my family and relatives and his. It was great. :)

- my grandpa (on my dad's side) passed away December 30th, 2012. Kevin, his parents, two sisters, and I traveled back up for the viewing and funeral. Though I'm happy that Grandpa's free from pain and has left "this veil o' tears" (as he would say), I miss him already. He's the one on the left in this picture:

- last week, I moved to Maryland, where I'm living with Kevin's grandma for the spring semester. This is the house I'm staying in:

- wedding planning is in full swing (and the wedding dress and veil are bought!). The date is set for May 25th, 2013, and we couldn't be more excited!

More posts to come soon!