Sunday, February 5, 2012

I'm a jerk.

"Me: ok, well, just so you know
I was planning to blog tonight
I just realized I have a twelve page paper due Tues
that I haven't started
Erika: hahaha
Me: so I'm kinda freaking out
plus I have an exam Wed
Erika: haha
Me: and a book chapter summary
Erika: hahaha
Clay will be happy, though
Me: why?
23:09 Erika: he's off the hook
Me: oh
dang it
well, was there a time limit on that deal?
Erika: yep
51 minutes from now
Me: like if I blog next week, will that not count?
Erika: you could just copy paste this chat and post it as an explanation...
23:10 I mean, the part of the chat that applies...
Me: YES!
wait, will that mean he has to blog?
Erika: technically
Yo: because we didn't say WHAT I'd blog...
Erika: Exactly
Yo: hahaha
I like how you think"
Hunter, it's on....muahahaha.