Sunday, February 5, 2012

I'm a jerk.

"Me: ok, well, just so you know
I was planning to blog tonight
I just realized I have a twelve page paper due Tues
that I haven't started
Erika: hahaha
Me: so I'm kinda freaking out
plus I have an exam Wed
Erika: haha
Me: and a book chapter summary
Erika: hahaha
Clay will be happy, though
Me: why?
23:09 Erika: he's off the hook
Me: oh
dang it
well, was there a time limit on that deal?
Erika: yep
51 minutes from now
Me: like if I blog next week, will that not count?
Erika: you could just copy paste this chat and post it as an explanation...
23:10 I mean, the part of the chat that applies...
Me: YES!
wait, will that mean he has to blog?
Erika: technically
Yo: because we didn't say WHAT I'd blog...
Erika: Exactly
Yo: hahaha
I like how you think"
Hunter, it's on....muahahaha.


Erika said...

Hunt: Don't be a chicken (:>

THE HUNTER said...

1. I'm very glad to see that you changed your sidebar. You might have changed it a looong time ago and I just didn't notice. Maybe that's because I haven't had any reason to come here for that long of a time frame. Eh...good job anyways.
2.In keeping with my "insulting you on your own blog", I'll say that I agree with your title wholeheartedly.
3.Yes, it is "on". Finally....(after how long now?)
4.So we're using technicalities now? Ahhh. Okay. Well..."technically" I never agreed to blogging anything after you. Even if I did, I never got any kind of passwords. And "technically", since I didn't get any kind of passwords, then I guess that the only way that I could do anything would be via comment. "Technically", since this is, indeed, a comment, then I guess that I've fulfilled my end of the bargain. Now you need to keep you promise to all of your other readers to post something...."with pictures". Or are you too busy fulfilling the promises to go and sit next to certain brown haired people?
5. Erika: I still say that you had something to do with this.
6. Jess: All kidding aside...Have a nice day and be encouraged in some small way. ;)

Anonymous said...

@Thim: haha, thanks!

@Hunter: thanks for the book. :P And I have to win.
1. as for the sidebar, I did just change that like yesterday or something.
2. :P
3. wait, what's on?
4. win. ugh. as for brown-haired people, did you just randomly pick a hair color or am I supposed to know who you're talking about?
5. um, was her idea!
6. haha thanks! I still think you should guest post sometime though....

Nadea said...

4. Maybe the one you posted about before? idk.

Gryphon said...

remember you said it not me :)