Wednesday, March 7, 2012

In the car.

Apparently that last post was a cop-out, so this is take two. I was informed last night that I should have a post that's basically a wall of text. No promises, but I'll try...

Right now, I'm in the backseat of a car, heading back to Virginia and Patrick Henry College at about 65 miles per hour. Obviously I can't post this without internet (unless I steal someone's wifi as we fly by...that's not likely :P), but I have about 6 hours to think of brilliant thoughts and type them. Oooor until my laptop battery dies...which will be in about 3 hours. Actually, I might fall asleep before then.

I'm getting distracted by passing wifi networks.

I'm sitting between Danielle and Chelsea. It's cozy. :) Chelsea told me to title this post "In the car." So I did. She's a writer, so she must know best. (Actually, she's an amazing writer. If I had internet I would link to her articles.)

Danielle plays the marimba and she's going to the Olympics with her marching band from college. I'm mildly jealous. Ok, more than mildly.

Chelsea's mom is driving, and she is not speeding. Yet. In the passenger seat is a guy named Rick. I don't know much about him, so I'm going to make it up. He's probably in his late forties. He has cool sunglasses. He knows where I live, but only because I told him. In his spare time, he probably plays the ukelele and...I don't's hard to base everything off the shape of his left ear.

I'm honestly not sure what's happened since I wrote last. Classes are...the same. You know. Tests, papers, grades, the usual. I haven't failed out of physics yet, mercifully. I have wonderful friends who help me, otherwise I'm pretty sure I would have thrown my physics textbook into Lake Bob before now.

Speaking of throwing things into Lake Bob, I went to my first Bobtism this semester. Bobtisms are a PHC tradition where a recently-engaged guy is captured, prayed over, and then thrown into the lake (the girls have an adorable candlelight ceremony's much cleaner and warmer).

Lydia says I always make lists of things in my blog posts, but I don't know how else to summarize large chunks of time without writing for hours. So,

This semester I've...

-collected earthworms off the sidewalk with Courtney and Esther to put in someone's bed...poor Blake.
-went to Virginia Beach for the Reagan Symposium.
-proposed to someone on Leap Day (and got soundly rejected, though I wouldn't have it any other way...).
- finished a physics test (it was a big deal).
- wrote a nine-page paper in a much shorter time than I thought possible.
- made about 3 gallons of atole (basically hot chocolate...I've mentioned it here before) with Esther and had like 30 people come down with their mugs to drink it with us.
-went through the terrifying ordeal which is asking someone to the Sadie Hawkins dance. A GUY. (But he said yes and I didn't die asking).
- A beautiful valentine's dinner put on by the faculty.
- A fondue party at our wing parents' house. So much chocolate!
- Home for spring break, with so much crammed into four days (I saved the sleeping part of break for later).

Ok, we're stopping at a gas station. Back later...

Aaand back! Only this time with FIG NEWTONS. Chelsea's a dear. (I was reaaally craving fig newtons on the way back home but we stopped at a gas station that didn't carry them. Tragedy.)

Now Rick's driving so I could base my critique on his right ear. Also, he's obviously a huge fan of pretzels.

I forgot about the rear view mirror. He can see me laughing at him now.

He says, "I hope this is a blog. I want to be famous for being stupid. And I want more than fifteen minutes. Who are you writing to or is this like a term paper? Is it due when you get in?"

Hmm. What else has transpired...

I went dress shopping with Courtney and Emmery and discovered Ross. Good thing we don't have those in New York...or at least not in my part of the state. (I would probably go broke...or at least, more broke than I am now. :P) It was a successful trip, though. I now own a dress for the upcoming dance. (Which is considerably better than NOT owning a dress for the upcoming dance, I might add).

Speaking of the dance, there's a grocery bag in the back of this car filled with nutmeg, flour, sugar, yeast, and other such baking things. I stole them from our kitchen back home so that Courtney and Emmery and I can make dinner next Saturday for the guys before the dance. It's kind of exciting.

I've managed to lose my room key. The replacement fee is something like $150, so I'll be turning my room upside down to find it once I get back. Fortunately my roommate hid her key somewhere so that I can get into my room today (I'll be the first of us four roommates to get back to school). It will be weirdly quiet in the room until they get back later in the week.

Ok, I'm seriously sleepy now. And I can't think of anything else to write about. Except, now I have gum. I don't know what kind it is, but there was a picture of a kiwi on the outside of the package. That bodes well, I think. Oh, and pineapple and orange.

We're still heading south. Pennsylvania is inordinately large.

I should write about my break now, I guess. Those four days packed in so much. Like...
...going to bed at 1 AM on Saturday, getting up at 4 and packing, and driving home almost without stopping from 5 AM until 12:30 PM. It was so worth it...I wanted to see if I could drive the whole way by myself on three hours of sleep. (And for those praying for safe travels, thank you!)
...watching my little brother lose his first tooth while doing math on my bed.
...listening to Katrina read about Sam and Pam and the bass, pronouncing each letter separately and then blending them together.
...finding a huge bag of chocolate in my room when I got back and learning that it was a Valentine's Day gift that my dad bought but hadn't been able to mail. (aww!)
...making three kinds of homemade ice cream in one afternoon with sisters and a friend, and then eating it and watching LOTR with more friends. the upstairs at my grandpa's house and watching it become safe for democracy (or something like that). He's in the hospital right now and we think he might need someone to stay with him when he comes back, hence the cleaning. (See Erika' blog for details about why he's in the hospital).
...going to church with Jenn, Reuben, and Elizabeth and eating South Dayton donuts.
...going for a freezing cold walk with Joanna, Josh, and Katrina, during which we walked backwards because of the wind. I feel like a wimp...Mexico and Virginia have spoiled me and I'm no longer used to the cold.
...driving friends home and then just sitting in their driveway talking forever because it's better than saying goodbye.
...taking three of the kids to their piano lesson and nearly falling asleep on the floor in the music studio.
...going to Awana and being surprised that some of the Sparkies remembered me. aww!
...doing laundry twice just because I could...without using quarters!
...eating Elizabeth's cappuccino muffins with Erika and Annetta and talking for hours. the bathtub with Josh and Katrina and realizing that when I tell them to "dump a little dishsoap in," I'll be rinsing suds out of the tub for a half an hour...

We're crossing the Susquehanna now. In case you were wondering. I was about to start writing about the fig newtons that just landed on my shoulder because of a sudden turn, but then I realized that I should sleep instead.

So, the end.

And now I am back in my room, sitting on the floor next to my completely unpacked bags. I just re-read this post. It's ridiculous, but I'm posting it anyways. Consider it the thoughts of a sleepy backseat rider. Also, to those without facebook, here are some recent pictures.

Thanks for putting up with me. :)


Nadea said...

Urg - I clicked on the link for "Leap Day" somehow expecting it to link to the guy somehow and get an identification. How disappointing to get wiki! :p

Otherwise sounds like you've been pretty busy, and I would say that this is a completely valid blog post, so congratulations! :D

THE HUNTER said...

Thanks for blogging. :)

Erika said...

This is THim: Awww!! Thanks for spending your much needed sleeping time to blog for us was sooo much fun having you back for a few days..and there is NOTHING like a good car talk!!! (hehe)

Gryphon said...

Halleluiah! She blogged!!!

ahhhhhh who was this guy getting engaged too? :) Something your not telling us Jess?.....(jking jking :)

Anonymous said...

Yaaaayyyyy!!!! You posted!!! And it actually took me like 10 minutes to read it :) Very awesome job. If I posted when I was that tired, it probably wouldn't even make sense :D

Kate said...

Thanks so much for the update, Jess! Glad to hear things are going well for you. It was so fun to see the photo gallery and put faces to some of the names of our former DL classmates! Blessings and keep blogging!

In Christ,

Anonymous said...

@Nadea: sorry for the disappointment. :P if you really want to know who it was, I'll just tell you!
@Thim: good to see YOU!
@Gryphon: right, because every guy ever engaged is engaged to me. duh.
@Cocoanut: Thanks! :)
@Kate: So good to hear from you! I'm glad you liked the pictures. Also, I wish you were here!! Thanks for the link to your blog...consider yourself thoroughly stalked. ;)