Saturday, March 31, 2012

Backstage blogging...

So, (and I start this post with so only because it will bug a certain dear reader) I'm currently sitting backstage at Patrick Henry College's production of "A Midsummer Night's Dream."

*mutes laptop sound...oops*

Apparently I'm a stage hand. Or something. But this 3-hour play only has two scene changes, so for the majority of the time I just sit back here in the dark and text people and read and stuff. It's an amazing play and the actors are so talented. Listening to it and watching the shadows against the back of the stage is almost as good as watching it (but I get to take a turn watching it from the audience tomorrow night). Tomorrow will be the fifth time I've sat through it, but it doesn't get old.

Being back here, we're supposed to wear all black so that we're inconspicuous when we go on stage to change scenes. Which means I look like I'm dressed for a funeral...

"My mistress...with a MONSTER is in love!" One of the best lines in the play...sorry, getting distracted.

I'm not really sure what to talk about. Um, this week was kind of intense. Yesterday was the physics midterm, which I was sure I'd bomb. (It goes without saying, but God was faithful and Courtney's last minute tutoring saved my grade...she's incredible. And not just because she's helped me survive biology AND physics, although that helps. ;))

Then last night, after the play was over, I had a paper to write. Which means I may or may not be operating on four hours of sleep right now. But the paper's done and submitted and it's the weekend!

Easter break is next week, which is my goal right now. I will survive!

All I can think about is sleeeep. Which is not helping this blog post. Wait, pretty sure that's what I said last time. Apparently sleep deprivation is a theme of my life. Oh well, at least college life is interesting...which is more than I can say for this blog post.

Aaand that is where I stopped typing and helped with the scene change. This is a lame post, but I'm publishing it anyhow. (what are you gonna do about it? ;))


Gryphon said...

Two things truly stood out to me in this post. First, You truly have a spectacular reserve to sit through a shakespearean play more than once. Second, WHAT, may I ask, is wrong with wearing all black!? Has it ever occurred to you that goths and undertakers are people too? You judge us because black clothes are the only thing we have clean at the time. Well actually that is a lie. We have plenty of clean things and just think black is fashionable. So just because my dream home is Fitzgerald Funeral Homes, I wear black all the time, and I enjoy steepling my fingers while chuckling malevolently, this does not make me a funerary fan. (All readers please sense the sarcasm present here :)

THE HUNTER said...

Hmm...I'd dress like I was mourning if I was "with a monster in love". What do you do in these scene changes? Lift heavy stuff? (stifles laugh) Or do you just "supervise" people lifting heavy stuff. We're all dying to know. ;) Thanks for posting anyways.

The Thimble said...

Gryphon: You need help.
JESS!!! We are going to jump up and down at the fact that you posted at all..any thing is better than nothing.
Sitting though "A Midsummer Night Dream" (several times)!!! YOU POUR THING!!! (now I know what your problem is... Shakespeare dose that to people;)
Miss ya!

Anonymous said...

Gryphon, you have to admit that wearing all black isn't really my style though. ;) although I think you would make a great funeral home director.

Hunter, very funny. :P actually, all I had to do was turn the pillars around, carry chairs on stage, and move some little tree things.

Thim!! you posted with your own novel! I know, now I'm even more messed up than before. Miss you too! <3

Gryphon said...

@Thimble:Thank you, I appreciate that.