Friday, February 18, 2011

Un dia en mi vida...

Once again, the public outcry (from a foreign country, no less...I crack myself up) has sent me over to to attempt to write something that seems somewhat remotely update-ish.

As usual, I was feeling like I had nothing to write about, probably because I've pretty much settled into a routine here.

Which means...I am blogging the ordinary: welcome to a day in my life!

Today (Thursday) I drove everyone bonkers by taking a kazillion pictures, documenting just about everything. So, I hope this gives you guys a glimpse into what it's like here!

(Note: if you want, feel free to click on the pictures to make them bigger.)

Soo, without further ado...

6:30: The alarm goes off. I'm thrilled because it's Rachel's turn to get up first!! Haha, we really do take turns showering first, and somehow the extra 20 minutes of sleep is the best thing ever.

7:00ish: I drag myself out of bed. Honestly, I can't believe I'm doing this, but I really am posting the I-look-like-a-zombie-because-I-just-got-up-picture.

Moving on....quickly. :P

After showering, Rachel and I have our devotions and check email and such. (Aww, Erika made it into a picture, haha.)

Side note: Spanish-English Bibles are awesome. I've temporarily stolen one I found in the cabin (hmm, Bible-stealing...that sounds totally wrong!) and I love comparing back and forth. I think it makes me think more about what I'm reading, which is a good thing for sure.

At 7:30ish, we head over to the house for breakfast.
While we eat our cereal, Mike reads from 1 Samuel about David and his men attacking the Amalekites after the destruction of Ziklag. (See, I do listen! ;))
At 8:00ish, it's time for science with Cristi. Because it's BJU video school, we watch videos as well as reading the works out well.
It's cooooold in there! (Really.)
At 9:00ish, it's time for Bible and science with Carissa. While she watches the video lesson for Bible, I work on studying some Spanish verb tenses.
In Bible, Carissa lists what she's thankful for...I was amused. :) If you can't read it, she wrote, "Teachers (not Jess) :P."

Next, she had a test in science. I quiz her on the terms she's learned in this chapter...all about levers and pulleys and acceleration and mass and velocity and all that good stuff. she is after getting an A on the test. :D
After that, it's science with Mikey. Though I help him with labs and give tests and such, there isn't a great deal to do while he watches the lesson, so I read some Kirk (for my Freedom's class).
The illustrious science teacher... He's cool because he doesn't like oatmeal. :P
Mikey almost entirely evaded the camera, but I did get this sadly blurry picture. I think posting it is my revenge for his hiding my beloved Russell Kirk book for an entire day...
Since science was finished early, I was able to finish reading the Kirk assignment for the week and then attempt to play the piano for a little while...
At around 11:30, Cristi and I went outside to the hammock to take a Bible test. It works best if I read it to her and she tells me the answers.
As you can see, I'm working on my sunburn. :)
No idea why this picture is sideways (honest, it's not sideways in the folder on my computer!), but yeah...literature (with Cristi) is next.
At 1:30, I have my Spanish lesson with Reme. She's a dear! She's got to have a lot of patience to understand me... ;)
She has me read a couple pages in our Monarch butterfly (Mariposa Monarca) book, basically to help with my pronunciation and reading comprehension.
After that, she has me translate some more from The Excellent Wife into Spanish. Because she has the book in Spanish, she follows along in her book while I (tediously...I'm sooo slow!) try to change the English sentences into Spanish, one word at a time. I write down new words as I encounter them, and it's been good because it's forcing me to teach myself the verb tenses (at night, usually) that I was never taught in class.
After my Spanish lesson, I head over to the cabin and work on an email to my Freedom's professor, proposing ideas for an upcoming paper. He's great at helping me decide which ideas would work the best. While I brainstorm possible theses, I chat with Joanna. She's funny. :)
Probably around 2:45, we have lunch. Yeah, that's normal...and yeah, it took awhile to get used to eating lunch in the afternoon! It's kind of funny, you're probably expecting to see something very Mexican on my plate, but we actually had mashed potatoes, green beans, and meatloaf (haha, no, I'm not vegetarian...the meatloaf just wasn't done yet when I took this picture...). BUT! There is agua de jamaica in my glass...exotic enough?

After lunch, we got ready and then headed out to the gym. Don't you wish you had my self-photography skillz? Eww.
Driving to gymnastics...
Faith, Rachel, Cristi, Carissa, and I did almost 2 hours of a pretty exhausting aerobics workout. In fact, our instructor made us learn how to fly. Just kidding...though I look like I'm trying to evolve into a bird here. :P Also, I learned that I am far from coordinated when it comes to the trampoline...
Okay, tell me if Faith isn't the coolest missionary mom ever?! I could NEVER do a split in the air like this!
A random picture Rachel took as we left the gym...
After we got home, I had a Western Lit chat (at 7). It was interesting; we talked about Romantic era art, as you can see...
After the chat, I headed over to the house. A couple random pictures with Cristi and Cara...

We ate supper at about 8 (once again, normal!)...quesadillas!
In case you were dying to know, here's what the inside looks like.

After supper, Cristi wanted to do a little more science before bed, so she watches the review lesson (haha, this is Dr. Devolve)...
...while Carissa and I take ridiculous pictures of ourselves. And no, most of them will never see the light of day on this blog. :P
After that, I head over to the cabin and start uploading pictures while chatting with Erika and doing some reading for Freedom's (the US Constitution...again).
Yay for skype! I talked to my dad and Erika for awhile...she was writing posts for college, but it was cool to talk to my dad for awhile (a lot of times he's still at work when I call).

And now, here I am, finishing up the blog post before heading to bed! Haha, this is another of the crazy pictures I took with Carissa, but it accurately represents what I'd like to be doing right now. :D
So, that's that. Pretty typical, though I don't go to the gym every day, West Lit chats are only once a week, and Sundays are an entirely different story...maybe I'll have to write about a Sunday sometime!

Sorry this blog post is entirely lacking in brain is not being funny at all. It just keeps saying "sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep!" So, good night!