Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Edit: haha, just to eliminate any confusion, I didn't actually write this post (apparently Erika and Hosanna did) and a good portion of it is hilariously untrue. I really hope that's evident though.... :P I'll hopefully post something from the real me eventually, with *pictures*!

Hey guys!! Whoa, it's been a looong time since I've posted! Christmas break was great, and I'm back at college for the second semester of my junior year.

Break flew by way too fast. I missed my family SOOO much (especially Erika and Hosanna...they're my favorites. I mean, I missed everyone, sorta, I guess, but especially them), so it was great to see them all again. Our hamster Pip died while I was at college, and I missed her so much...she was so sweet and cuddly. So I was absolutely thrilled when Leo joined our family at Christmas! He's a dwarf hamster who reminded me so much of a special friend that I was missing from college (you know who you are, dear <3). I loved cuddling with Leo, and I even took him to Awana to help with the Sparks counsel time...he did an admirable job, as I knew he would.

My friend Arielle got married, and it was exciting being in her wedding as the maid of honor. I mentioned the bridal shower last post...that was sweet, and the wedding was also very sweet. I only made it through the ceremony by looking at Hosanna's grinning and angelic face in the audience, sending me support and encouragement as I tried not to a) breathe, or b) fall over.

This picture is from the reception, when Aaron and I were giving the toast. You can hardly tell how late we were up the night before sitting in that bar...heh.

My 21st birthday also fell during Christmas break. I can't really remember much after that.

The first week or so of college was kinda intense...splitting headache the whole time, but I'm doing better now. So is going fine. Oh, gotta run...dining hall is closing soon, and I promised I would sit next to-- never mind. See ya!


Nadea said...

How wonderful to have a new post! Thanks so much for the update on what has been going on lately - good to hear how things really are! I know what you mean about missing family; family is the best and even when I'm at college with wonderful friends, I look forward to the times when I can see my family again. Hope to chat with you soon!

THE HUNTER said...

So you had your partners in crime make a new post for you? *sigh*

Erika said...

This is Thim: Great job you two!! I Loved it!...Jess miss you a tun! (:

Anonymous said...

@Nadea, I'm still amused that I thought you were serious in that comment.

@Hunter: not really...I didn't even know they were doing it.

@Thim: haha...they were pretty creative! and I miss you too! <3