Sunday, November 27, 2011, hi.

As always, I was trying to evade typing into this empty white box, but I promised myself that I'd write something here over Thanksgiving break (after all, break is supposed to be when you're, you know, NOT busy and such...).

So, here I am, flopped on my own bed at home, trying to sum up everything that's happened since October 26th. I have to say, it's actually pretty impressive how recently I've blogged.

Basically, this college student's life has been predictable: homework, class, work, repeat. I won't bore you with the particulars, but if you're ever wondering what I'm doing, chances are it's one of those three. Ohh, also sleep. I do sleep. Really. Sometimes in bizarre places like the laundry room, as previously mentioned, or at weird times (seriously, who falls asleep in the lounge at EIGHT PM?? heh...).

Actually, that reminds me. Sleepwalking...I thought I had outgrown it because I managed to sleep like normal people the whole time I was in Mexico. But nooo....I think it's something about the stress of deadlines. Anyhow, twice this semester I've sleepwalked. Once I managed to shower and get partly ready for class before realizing that it was like, 2 in the morning. Good thing my roommates are sound sleepers.

And then a week ago, I actually managed to call the PHC security desk...and then awkwardly hung up on them...while sleepwalking. See, I was working on homework down in the D3 lounge and fell asleep around 2. I became vaguely aware around 3 that I should be sleeping in my bed, so I stumbled up the stairs to my room. As I was opening my wing door, I woke up rather abruptly to the sound of a guy voice...coming from my phone, "hello? hello? security!" and I stood there, blinking at my phone screen: "Call with PHC Security: 0:13...0:14...0:15..." Knowing that I am incapable of forming coherent sentences when I'm barely awake, I hung up. And then I was embarrassed and went to bed, feeling like a little kid who had called and hung up on 911 or something.

Haha, right now I'm sitting here wondering why I transcribe my most ridiculous moments on a public blog. :P

Anyhow...I should probably wrap this up. The suitcase I dragged home with me is only partially packed and it needs some serious attention before we start the trek back to college in about three hours.

So, quick summaries of college and break...

-Emily G. and I have learned that it is possible to listen to the same song on repeat for literally hours on end while writing papers.
-Fall break was...intense but so good. I was in Sterling, VA (not that far from college), helping lead a Generation Joshua Student Action Team. We had a great team (AND THE HOTEL HAD A HOT TUB) and I felt like I was in my element...campaigning. <3
-Even getting up at 3 AM to put up signs (and staying up all day) on Election Day was so worth it.
-College is a growing experience, in more ways than one. Apparently I grew a half an inch this semester (YESS! I always wanted to be 5' 6"...that dining hall food must be good for something... ;))

As for break, it's been SO good to be home. Coming back is always surreal but awesome. This time I hadn't been as far away or gone as long as the trip to Mexico, but I definitely still missed my family and friends.

Home has included:
-a starbucks eggnog latte, shopping, and so much catching-up with Jenn. :)
-good conversations
-sploshing through puddles with the little kids
-being treated like a celebrity in my own home, haha.
-singing with siblings at the Thanksgiving eve church service.
-two Thanksgiving dinners
-an abundance of cranberry sauce
-making a lemon meringue pie with Katrina.
-listening to Annetta, Lydia, and Hosanna's piano recital pieces that are being frantically practiced.
-testing my mom's new coffee experiment (pretty amazing, btw).
-going out to lunch with Annetta and Rachel and feeling way too grown-up (since when can we do this stuff by ourselves?! haha)
-"hosting" a bridal shower. Hosting is in quotes because although I'm the maid of honor and technically threw the shower, Erika, Annetta, and Elizabeth did all the preparation work while I was at school. (I love them.) They briefed me when I got back so that I'd have some clue about what was going on. :P
-cleaning the bathtub and washing it weird that I missed that?!
-sleeping (yeah, I think I'm caught up now...).
-being an in-person big sister again and calling Katrina by her old nickname ("I like it when you call me punk." aww...she remembered!)

That pretty much covers for looking forward: 16 days until the semester is OVER and my family comes down to get me. SO looking forward to Christmas break and Arielle and Matt's wedding!

Knowing me, I probably won't be blogging again until I'm home for Christmas. So STOP REFRESHING THIS BLOG. A new post will not appear, I promise. ;)


Gryphon said...





(sighs annoyedly)


"Oh! You were serious?!"

(sighs and sits back until Christmas. :)

Deigh said...

*Sniff* You didn't even mention that your other widlle sis isn't shorter than you any more! Would you mind telling me again what numbers you drew?

Yes, we're all proud of you. Like, *gasp*, two blogposts in less than three months!

See ya in a couple weeks. :D

Anonymous said...

Is it bad that I checked you blog and was surprised that you had posted? Haha :) How could you leave me behind? I liked being almost the same height as you ;)Sooo, your family is going down to get you. Does that mean I'm house sitting again? Or have all your pet died off, so there's no need? ;)

Nadea said...

I did read this a long time ago, promise!!! and after coming her a few times in the course of the circuit of the spheres, thought I should comment so that you would know for sure that I have been here ;) and even though I was with you for a bit of break, it was still nice to hear you talk about it!

Nadea said...

I don't suppose you could be bothered to blog about what it is like to be of full legal age? =p