Tuesday, November 17, 2009

An attempt to excuse my lack of blogishness...

Okay, so lately I have been receiving cryptic messages; messages of indeterminable meaning, such as this one:

[D]ear Jessica,
Please blog[.]
[name removed to protect the guilty]

However, after a serious study of the aforementioned notes, which included outlining them, finding key words and phrases, looking the larger words up in the dictionary, reading backwards, and reading between the lines, I have come to the conclusion that I need to eat chocolate!! No, wait, that was the first hypothesis. The final conclusion was that I needed to go to www.blogger.com, enter some log in information, and click "Create Post."

So, I did.

Now that I am here, all that I can think of is the necessity of doing a bunch of other things...chiefly, writing the two papers that are due on Friday (note: one of them is nearly done, the other is started). Unlike some people who have the luxury of Thanksgiving break, I have four papers due in the next exactly two weeks.

What does this mean? It means that I will be getting very little sleep, writing and revising, and in my spare time, I will be completing all the other college work (reading textbooks, writing discussion board posts, taking exams, etc). And it means that I can't justify sitting here and writing a post about my life. Sorry! I'd love to write a creative update-ish post. Really, I would. That's something that I will try to do after this semester ends (if it ever does).

On a positive note, it also means that I will have four blog posts in the next couple of weeks...and you know how much you love reading my academic writings! (Hint: nod vigorously)

Prayers are greatly appreciated for my sanity and for clearness and cogency in my writing!


Anonymous said...

I know you'll do great on your papers!

-A little sister

Anonymous said...

*vigorous nod*
Yes, of course I look forward to reading your outpouring of academia!
And thank you for the lovely blog post. I was so excited to find it!

Belle said...

Oh, poor thing! Allie got four hours of sleep last night, striving to meet a deadline and then getting up at 4 am to head to work...If you aren't a coffee lover now, I would seriously consider becoming one....

Anonymous said...

Hmm...which sister might this be? Thanks, Annetta!

Nadea, I appreciate the encouragement. It meant a lot.

Annie, thanks for the sympathy! I don't think I can quite relate to the four hours of sleep...that's incredible! Poor Allie!!