Monday, December 7, 2009

9 Days!

But who's counting?

Oh, wait. I am.

Nine days until what? you might ask. Good question. You might also ask why I am writing in choppy sentences. That would also be a good question.

Anyhow. There are only nine days left until I will be done with my first semester at PHC. I am ridiculously excited! I finished the last two essays on Friday and now have only one more week of studies and then final exams. I'm seeing the light at the end of the proverbial tunnel. Or would that be, the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel? I don't know (or care, at this point!).

It's 12:45 AM, which incidentally might not be the best blogging time for me. But I'm currently caught up enough in studies to justify typing this out.

About those essays...I know I said I would publish them, but let's just say that they will not be seeing the light of day for a long time. And if I ever publish them, it will be as a joke! Sometimes I really dislike my writing. Like right now. I am not exceptionally proud of the two essays I wrote this week. But I still plan on posting the Theology paper and Research and Writing paper.

Hmm, anything else of note? Tomorrow (or actually, today) I get my lower retainer (for you non-braces people, that's part of the orthodontic procedure), which means I'm starting to see the light at the end of THAT tunnel as well. I was starting to despair of ever getting my braces off!

All right, this is all for now! I hope to post more often now that college is almost done.


Danielle said...

Is it really 9 days left? Wow...*pause for significant moment* Praise God! Throughout this, for me, stretching and amazing first semester He's supported me, guided me, carried me, picked me up off the floor of despair, and sometimes made me get up off the floor myself...and we still have finals!

I asked my Mom, "Are you sure in December we don't just graduate?"

(I completely empathize about the essays! It's encouraging to know that I wasn't the only one to struggle with both essays due on the same day! [I mean that in a good way!] I was up on Friday working, and thank God He helped me push the words out which resembling the plan! Still, not exactly publishing...Which books did you write on? Don't worry, after sitting for a while, I'm sure the essays will look better...:-)

I'd love to see your Theo Paper and your final R+W paper! Were you able to find good sources?

Belle said...

congratulations! You deserve it!

Anonymous said...


Yes, it is! Amazing. I know, I feel the same way--all this work, it should be time to graduate. I try not to think about the fact that this is only 1/8 of the amount of work.... Incidentally, I don't think I ever asked you...when are you going on campus at PHC? We need to be roommates! :)

I wrote my essays on Stowe (obviously) and then I compared and contrasted Beowulf with The Epic of Gilgamesh. What about you? I just couldn't bring myself to write about Machiavelli, but it actually might have been easier. And I know what you mean about being glad that you're not alone in the essay-writing struggle. Those essays did not come easily to me!

I was able to find some good sources for the R & W paper. At least, I thought they were good sources. We'll see what the professor thinks....

I know, God has been so awesomely faithful this whole semester. I'm learning so much about trusting Him and not getting so worked up over my assignments. :)

Annie, thanks!! We need to talk soon.

Danielle said...

I wrote on Stowe, and how her ultimate point was about loving your neighbor, than about slavery...and thatslabery violated the rule of Christian love, therefore it was bad.

I wrote on Beowulf too! Machiavelli...ack. His writing cried out for a good Christian analysis, but I wasn't going to write on his book! Actually our essays sound similar, except I compared Beowulf with "pagan epics" loosely and my point was that the Christianity in B. Changed some classic myth "values" and aligned with others... Your's sounds good!

Thanks so much for offering to room with me! I don't know when (if?) I'm going on campus at the moment...taking it a day at a time at the minute...I'd love to go though!

Anonymous said...

I like your thesis on Stowe! Mine wasn't nearly as creative!

Beowulf was fun to write on, but it seemed like there wasn't a whole lot there to work with.

That's a good way to do it...just one day at a time. My current plan is to go on campus for Fall of 2011. We'll see!

Allyson Rae said...

YESS! I know the feeling. Our end of the semester concert is tomorrow night, I have two essays, a voice presentation, and two finals left, and I'll be done on Wednesday. I'm so excited for that month of nothing....except working at TJMaxx, preparing for auditions & trying not to kill myself in the process. I've been swallowed whole several times by worksheets and handouts thus-far. =P

Anonymous said...


Wow, sounds like you've got a lot packed into the next few days. Hope the concert goes well tonight!

Yeah, I'm so excited by all the time off--I plan on being incredibly lazy. Well, maybe not. But for a couple days I'm going to really enjoy it. Hahaha

Yes, definitely don't get killed...I think that would really affect your grades. :P Although I'm pretty sure I've died several times this semester, too. :D

Belle said...

CALL ME when your school days are over and Christmas begins!
Will try to call sometime tonight if possible! But I have a Christian apologetics meeting at 6:30 will after be to late??? text me! ( or call, voices are always nice to use)

Anonymous said...

All right! *grabs cell phone*