Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Jessica erat in flagrante delicto...apparently.

Uh, for those of you who don't know Latin (I don't either, no worries), that apparently means that I was "caught in the act." I have been busted for lack of blogging! Actually, I have received two emails in the last roughly 24 hours that thoroughly impressed upon my heart that it is, indeed and truly, time for another blog post.

Wondering what kind of threats were used to force me to go to www.blogger.com this time? Here's the email I received:

"Yes, Jessica, the time has come once again when I must speak to you about how infrequently you post on your blog. I'm sorry this is such a hassle, but apparently you still have not learned that I want to know more about your life than an occasional and far-between facebook one-line status updates. I care about you and want to get a more comprehensive view on how you are doing. And I am therefore asking you to blog.

Very sincerely, ********

ps Please do not say that you have blogged recently. By any standards it has been since the 18 January, 2010, which is fully a month and four days. And by my standards, which means something that actually talks about your life, it has been since 7 January 2010. In such post you brought up that you blogged more than twice a month last year, which you have not come close to this year. You have not been blogging recently. With all due respect: Jessica erat in flagrante delicto. Please remedy this."

So remedying I am. And I'll admit it. It has been forever since I blogged last. In fact, it has gotten so bad that I stopped checking my blog to see if I had updated.

My excuse is, of course, that I have been so insanely busy with college work that I hardly have time to eat and sleep, much less blog.

But for some people, that excuse just does not cut it. So, at the risk of killing my grades, failing classes, dropping out of college, ruining my life, and all other kinds of unspeakable doom, I will blog. Because that's just the kind of sacrificial person I am.

My life lately has consisted almost entirely of school work. I am only taking twelve credits (four classes), but it really is about all I can do to keep up. So far, I have completed the first four exams and have written one paper. I have three papers due within the next two weeks or so, and then exams again! It's never-ending, but it is doable...because God's strength is made perfect in my weakness, and man, have I been weak!

Philosophy has been my most difficult class this semester. However, thanks to Descartes I have made an amazing discovery: I can't think, therefore I am not. Which means I don't need to write any more philosophy posts or papers, since I don't exist! I was really excited about this until a classmate pointed out that I really can't think that I can't think, because thinking that I can't think is thinking. Snap!

Besides school, I have been still involved in Awana every Monday night, sometimes doing the council time lessons or doing the music for the Sparks. Choir practice seems to have been canceled a lot lately because of the snow, but I usually go to church for that on Wednesday nights. I am involved in an Easter cantata (singing soprano) that several area churches are organizing. I absolutely adore the music and am really enjoying learning the songs. (Chris Tomlin!!!! Yeah.)

I've been playing the piano every week in church (and starting to play the organ as well) to accompany the congregation. That has been a learning experience! I have wanted to play the congregational numbers for a long time, and it is a really amazing feeling to finally be able to (with varying degrees of success...but we won't go there). Currently I only play the chorus of the month, but I'd like to start playing the hymns as well.

What else is there to tell? I've gone to some political meetings and am back working at the Board of Elections every Thursday for a while. They have a project they needed help with that could not wait until summer, so I am attempting to work there one day a week and still keep my college classes afloat.

I hope that post suffices for now (AKA, are you happy now, ********?) I seriously will attempt to blog more often. Man, that's hard to say with a straight face. Fortunately, none of you can see my facial expressions, so you have no idea how insincere I am being. And Erika just walked in and said I "look horrible" so I guess that is one more reason to be glad you can't see me right now.

The End.


Anonymous said...

Yay for a blog post! Thanks for the update on your life; it's always nice to hear what's going on! I especially liked the Descartes idea, that made me laugh :)

Belle said...

Are you taking the summer off? I liked the post, if it's any consolation I've noticed you're writing (even an informal blog post) has gotten much more neater and flows together much better than it used too. Of course, I am no critic...

Anonymous said...

Nadea...I think that's one sign that you are a college student: you find humor in Descartes! I'm glad you found that amusing as well. :)

Belle...At this point, no, I am not planning on taking the summer off. I'll probably be working full-time at the BOE as well as taking one class from PHC (Euclidean Geometry, I think). And thank you...that is very encouraging!

arielle said...

yes, the Descartes thing was definitely funny :) thank you for blogging! - - Now you're finally realizing why I was pulling my hair out last year, distance learning is hard

and don't feel bad. I'm glad you guys can't see me right now, cause I look awful too

Anonymous said...


I totally agree...DL is tough. So is PHC. :)

Aww, I'm sure you look just fine. But if you like, we can just both look horrible together in our lonely boring rooms typing away at our college assignments!