Monday, September 27, 2010

epic. fail.

At the risk of stating the obvious, I've utterly neglected my blog lately. Like, almost completely forgotten it existed. If it weren't for a persistent somebody, I wouldn't even be here now, listening to Aaron Shust and Coldplay (I know, unlikely combination, but I like it!), working on a rhetoric assignment, and typing away on this post [multitasking for the win!].

Actually, in my defense (haha), I thought I had blogged more recently. I figured that I had written since summer, but as it turns out...I haven't!

This means that I have much to catch up on. Almost 3 months, in fact.

Oh my.

So, summer was incredibly fast. I mean, summers have always seemed to go quickly to me, simply because I've never wanted them to end. But this one went especially fast because I was working roughly 20-30 hours per week and took 9 credits. I honestly don't ever want to do that again! I felt that I couldn't devote enough time to my classes (partially why I did rather poorly on that stupid trig exam...). Oh well...

I was really blessed with a job that paid more than I ever imagined it could. Actually, I earned more per hour there (most of the time, it fluctuates) than I did with my lovely government job. Tips are really nice... :) I've decided that I will be an amazing tipper for the rest of my life. 20%, people! Those sorts of tips make my life (30% tips ROCK.)

That restaurant job ended on Saturday, as the place closes for the winter. Plus, the owners are selling the restaurant (they own two others), so I'm not even sure if it will exist next summer. Depending on who takes it over, I may try to work there next summer. One of the day managers was considering taking over, and as I love her, I would SO stay there if she did.

I started fall classes on August 23rd. I'm taking 15 credits, which is the most I've ever done at once. (I know, I know...for a PHC student, 15 credits = underachiever. haha.)

Funny story: Here I am a sophomore in college, and I just now (well, August 23rd) started taking my first ever class in a real live classroom. It's a unique and entertaining experience, I think. So many things that I'd heard about but never actually experienced: a professor right in front of me who will answer any question right away! She doesn't pause for two days and then give a two sentence reply. :) It's interesting to compare the academics between a state university and a Christian liberal arts college, though. PHC is much more challenging, but Spanish 3 is definitely a stretch for me after doing all my language online previously.

Warning: bombshell ahead. Please spit out your gum now. (Unless of course, you know me, in which case you likely already know this. hmm. Never mind the gum comment.)

So, I might possibly potentially maybe kind of be going to Mexico in January for five months. It's an opportunity that I'm praying about, but so far God is really opening doors, and it seems as though he's leading me in that direction. I mean, I'm all about seizing opportunities and I love to pontificate on the necessity of not hesitating when you feel that God is calling you...but, Mexico City? By myself? For five months? Really now?

Basically, there is a sweet missionary family in Mexico City looking for someone to help homeschool their children for the spring semester. I would be helping with that as well as helping with the ministry, and in return, they would help me with my Spanish. The more I've read about their family and emailed with the parents, the more similarities I see with our family and the more comfortable I am with the whole situation.

As I was walking into Spanish class one beautiful morning last week, I was praying about Mexico. I had just realized just how expensive such a trip would be, especially while I'm trying to save up enough money to go on campus next fall. My finances would be completely strapped. Plus, my job was ending at my restaurant and I wasn't sure where to go next (I really despise searching for work!) As I walked, I was praying that if this is indeed God’s will, He would provide the means.

That night, my parents and I had a skype conversation with the missionary couple and I found out that I would actually need to go as a short term missionary under their missionary board. Meaning, I can call this a missions trip and need to raise support from friends, family, and local churches. Previously, I had been planning to pay for the whole trip out of my own pocket...but now I won't have to! Hmm, confirmation maybe?

Then on Saturday, I talked to my boss about whether she'd be keeping me on staff at one of her other restaurants or not. I didn't think she would, because when I'd worked at the other one (just one night due to a mix-up), they seemed fully staffed--maybe even overstaffed--and I felt as useless as a [insert appropriate metaphor here...haha]. To my surprise, she told me that restaurant needed revamping and that she really wants to keep me on. Aaand, when I asked a coworker what exactly needed revamping, she said the employees do--in other words, she'll fire some of them because she wants to keep me. Wow. I'm not sure if it will actually happen, but that could be another major blessing.

mmm, hear that creaking sound? Yeah, I think it's a door opening.

I'm just a little bit excited.


I'd really appreciate prayer for wisdom for both my parents and me. They're both pretty positive about the whole idea (especially after the skype convo), which is quite incredible. So, pretty soon it will be decision-making time. Yikes!

I. am. not. good. at. decisions.


I will [TRY to] keep you updated.

Peace out.



Allyson Rae said...

Take the chance! Chances like this don't come more than once in a lifetime, and if you don't, you'll wonder forever if it was the right choice. :)
Spanish? JCC or Fred? :) lol.

Anonymous said...

Ah, true story. You're right...this is my only chance! I'm not feeling at ALL under pressure... ;)

Fred. Wait...isn't that where you are, too? Funny I haven't seen you there! Although I'm basically on and off campus pretty fast, just 50 minutes three times a week.

Arielle said...

Wow sounds like some big stuff ahead for you Jess - but how will we all survive without you!!!!?????? I'll keep you in my prayers :) See you tomorrow

Anonymous said...

Awww Arielle, you'll survive just fine! Plus, if I do go, I'll still have internet access and such, so we'll totally keep in touch! Thanks for the prayers. :)

Anonymous said...

Jessica, you are such an amazing girl. I really hope I can get to know you better in the future!

Anonymous said...

You think she's amazing? She hasn't updated her blog in months... It stinks for people who watch for it all the time! =(

Anonymous said...

This post is really insightful. I've read it about 20 times already! Thanks so much for posting it.

Anonymous said...

That's great that you are coming to mexico!!! You will love it here. You dont know me but I hav followed your blog for awhile. Maybe I will come and vist you sometime when you here! Jose

Anonymous said...

Heyyyy Jess =) Just wanted to say that I think your profile picture is AHHHHmazzzing =) Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Jess! You are so crazy amazing! =) Keep writing your almost as good at it as you are good at being beautiful!

Nadea said...

You have failed at keeping us updated. My peace is disturbed. :p

mexicobound said...

My name is Abby. I just came across your blog. THat's SO cool that you might be able to go to Mexico!!!!! I went in July to Chiapas for 3 weeks and will never forget the experience. I will be praying for you.

Anonymous said...

Nadea, peace reigns once more--I have blogged. :P

Abby, thanks for stopping in and leaving a comment! You know Katie S., right? I'll have to check out your blog to read about your experience...thanks for the prayers!

mexicobound said...

Yes, I do know her! We went to Mexico together. Merry Christmas!