Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I try to placate the masses by writing an informative, gigantic blog post, and what happens?

They turn around and spam my facebook wall, demanding that I put up something new. In fact, I am informed that one friend is sitting on my blog right now, periodically hitting refresh. That, my friends, is dedication. And total insanity.

But that's beside the point.

The point is, ....ehh, what is the point?

I have no idea.

All I know is that I am being forced to blog, but I have absolutely nothing to say. Normally I store up little "blogging tidbits" (it should be "blogging bits," don't you think, for the alliteration and all?) in my brain. But this time, I have nothing.

So this will be a stream-of-consciousness blog. Because I don't want blogger to explode with a certain person's continual refreshing.

I guess I should start with what's new. Except I'm not sure if anything is particularly new.

I am still here in Mexico.
I am still living.
I am still in dire need of learning more Spanish.
I am still keeping up with my classes.


Today I taped up my syllabi on the wall, and I feel much more organized. See, I always post my syllabi on the wall at home, and it just didn't feel like school had started without them staring ominously down at me while I type posts. So, those are up.

On Saturday, we had a work day to fix up the house that will soon be a church!

Newsflash: I am not very good with pliers.

What's that? You wanted to hear something NEW?

Then I suppose saying that I'm not athletic and managed to injure myself at gymnastics the first day wouldn't be very novel, either.

Ah, I have learned something. Well, lots of things. But we'll go with this one:

The green stuff in the bowl on the table at the taco place isn't guacamole. Or even remotely avocado-ish.

I roasted my esophagus.

Those two points were entirely unrelated. Hah.

But hey, it's part of the Mexico experience. Right? Right.

I would write more, but I would like to get some reading done for my Freedom's class before I head to bed.

Placated, masses?



Nadea said...

Yes. For now. :)

Sarah G. said...

Nope, not placated. Certain people who have the knack for it have no right to stop blogging--ever. They are not allowed a life except in so far as it contributes to their blog posts, in which case it isn't really a life at all.

This is known as a vocation.

(I wonder what Dr. Veith would think of that application of his book...)

Ashley said...

I loved this post! :) I kept trying not to laugh. lol Keep havin' fun in Mexico, Jess!

Erika said...

I think the masses are placated.

Till tomorrow.


Arielle said...

Thank you, i feel much better and can now get some rest ;) i just hope nobody starts hounding me to blog....

Anonymous said...

Nadea: glad to hear it!

Sarah: Hahaha! I'm pretty sure that's not exactly what Dr. Veith had in mind. :D

Ashley: Thanks, I plan to do that!

Erika: Heh, don't you go all demanding on me too, now!

Arielle: BLOG!!!

Katie said...

Yeah, that green stuff... it smells so good, and looks so good... but it's NOT!! :P And thankfully I can say I didn't learn that by experience. However, sadly, when I was out to lunch with my friend in San Cristobal, she found that out the hard way. It was awful what she went through after trying it! :(

Annetta said...

I'm not placated anymore. Just sayin'...

Nadea said...

placation has ended. blog... {please?}