Thursday, May 9, 2013


On Monday, I submitted my last assignment for this semester, meaning that if everything goes as planned, I will walk across the stage this Saturday wearing what looks like a giant black garbage bag so that I can get my diploma. The gown hangs in my closet, where I'm hoping the wrinkles will just fall out so that I don't spend hours ironing it like alumni have warned me.

It's surreal. I'm graduating from college?

I haven't really had time to let it sink in though, with wedding plans and life plans at the front of my mind. 

More than the graduation gown, I'm excited about putting on the wedding gown that hangs in my sister's bedroom, on a nail my dad pounded in for me near the ceiling (so that the train wouldn't drag on the floor). 

Yesterday was my last day of work before my three week wedding leave started. Today I slept in embarrassingly late, and now I'm working on this post and on writing out "the story of us" that I hope to post here between now and the wedding.

My family is driving down early tomorrow morning so they can come to the baccalaureate and commencement. I'm so excited to see them! After that, we'll pack up my things and drive to New York, where I'll be until the wedding. My friend (and bridesmaid) Emily is flying out from Indiana the Saturday before the wedding so that she can help me get ready.

Kevin has to stay in Maryland to work, but he'll drive up two days before the wedding.

It's been a looong semester, with a 50-page paper, a 15-page paper and project, a 12-page paper, 240-hour internship, and a new job. Lots and lots of adjustments, but life is exhilarating. God is so good. 

That's it for now!


Rachel said...

Congratulations on finishing college! I know you'll enjoy the upcoming chapter in your life as you spend it with the love of your life! Enjoy every minute of it! I hope that someday I can experience being totally in love with someone as you and Kevin are with each other! Have a wonderfully, awesome day! :) Love, Rachel

Kate said...

Yay! An update!

Congratulations on graduating....hard to believe it's been four years! Best wishes as you end one phase of life and move onto the next.

Looking forward to reading your love story!


Elizabeth said...

Oh, hey, a new post! Yay!! Congratulations on graduating! That's awesome :) Although you're probably a lot more excited about getting married =) <3

Nadea said...

We probably will graduate within minutes of each other tomorrow--how cool is that, considering that we've done nearly everything in life together! Congratulations =)

Looking forward to seeing you soon!!