Thursday, September 10, 2009

Hey look! I still remember how to blog!

No, your eyes do not deceive you. This is, indeed and truly, a new blog post!

I am back by popular demand (okay, two people, but they sure are demanding!).

I was planning on having a blog post done over the weekend, but something got in the way. A little something called a Research and Writing assignment, worth 10% of my final grade, due by Sunday at midnight. It took so much more time than I thought it would, and this means that during the time I planned on blogging, I was sweating buckets (figuratively speaking, I assure you) and typing madly while watching the clock tick ever closer to the deadline.

But now I have finished that (not saying how many minutes to spare...), and I am here.

And...I have nothing to say. At least, nothing educational, intellectual, or mind-stimulating.

But because I don't want to let down the poor souls who sit on my blog all day, hitting refresh, I will attempt to write something substantial.

Something substantial...think, Jessica. There must be something to say.


And now it is Wednesday night, and I am sitting here watching my cursor blink, realizing that I really need to get this thing posted! Especially because my sister, Erika, decided that an update from me was so unlikely that she took it upon herself to hack in here and give you all brief run-down of my life (see below).

Her summary of my days is unfortunately pretty accurate. College has taken over my life!!!

I have learned that college is more difficult than high school (at least to me) and that I must spend much more time doing it than I had ever imagined. I cannot allow myself to fall behind even one day, because it is so hard to get back on track.

The first week of college was a nightmare; I was overwhelmed. But things are going much better now (Yet again, God's grace was sufficient!), and I am finding my classes to be manageable, interesting, and even sometime humorous.

Before I fall asleep on this keyboard, I should defend myself in regards to the cricket comment. (By the way, thanks, Erika, for not mentioning the watermelons growing on trees thing....) I haven't done biology in quite some time, never really cared about it, and probably would have realized that crickets are not vertebrates if I had simply thought about it before speaking. (Who, me? Think before speaking?!)

Jennifer wanted an update on my life, so I suppose I should mention more than just college. I have started taking piano lessons again (today), and have been learning to play the organ over the summer. I finished working for the Board of Elections (at least on a full time basis) on August 21st, so as to have time for college. The primary election is coming up next Tuesday, and I will be working that. It should be an interesting day. Local politics...never stops, and I try to keep up, going to meetings and volunteering and such. AWANA starts next Monday, and I'll be helping with that. Erika and I would both like to try for the Citation Award (Bible memorization is a good idea in general, plus I can get a nice scholarship from PHC if I get the award), so we are starting on some of the books. How is that for an overview, Jenn? Happy now? :) I'm sure I'm missing stuff, though.

Wow...this post is confusing and sadly lacking on so many levels. Maybe tomorrow I will read it and edit it, but for now...I'm going to hit "Publish Post" and hope that it will suffice.


Anonymous said...

Very, very nice, thank you Jessica, and given the time it was published, I can't say I fault you for any incoherancy. In fact, it was very good!

Anonymous said...

Why, thank you, Jennifer. That makes it all worth it!

Belle said...

I'm proud of your efforts girl! Keep up the good work (not just in blogging:)
Thanks for giving us a notification that you are still alive, even if only barely, it's still nice to hear from someone you've not seen in ten months...

Anonymous said...

Thanks Annie! I know, I haven't seen you in ages. I should try to call you sometime....

Jennifer said...

okay, the 'new' blog post isn't so new anymore . . . do I need to ask in order for you to give me an update on your life? :)

Anonymous said...

You are completely right. I actually have a blog post that I've been working on since Monday. It's sitting, half-done, in my drafts folder, and I have several pages with notes for it floating around my room. I hope to throw them all together into one (or maybe even two!) amazing blog posts in the next couple of days. But if you really need an update, you can always text or call me. And then I can tell you all the things that I don't dare publish on the internet! :)