Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Hi Everyone!!

Yes!! A new post!! But not by Jessica. After several tries, I have managed to heroically hack into Jessica's blog to give her reader(s) an exciting, heart-warming, awwww-producing update. Basically, I have 15 minutes before she gets back from choir practice, so we'll do this quickly.

1. Jessica has started college.

2. She is currently working on college-related items, such as classes.

3. Her time can basically be summed up in two areas: college, and thinking/talking/writing/dreaming about college.

4. However, she still finds time to keep her social life a couple rungs above "hermit crab" level, so it surprises me how long she has not talked to you. I mean, I just sit down and words pour forth.

5. Maybe she's wanting to post something a above the random, exciting, hart-warming, awwww-producing update that I'm giving.

But, I do want to share with you a funny story about Jessica. So, she and I were talking about crickets this afternoon, as I was sitting at the table doing lesson 11.5 in my math. She was going to run downstairs and look up crickets in the encyclopedia, but she wasn't sure what (besides "cricket") she should look under. She wanted a general, biological classification name, something that would make Mr. ACE Biology dude proud of her. She said (and I am not kidding): "Crickets are vertebrates, right?"

I guess it's been a while since ninth-grade biology...

Okay. That was it. I need to go do chemistry and practice my "Who? Me? Hack into what blog?" look! Catch you all later!

-- Erika, who is Jessica's coolest sister. Undoubtedly.


Anonymous said...

Oh, yes! Incredibely awesome! Thank you, Erika! Of course, this comment will never make it past the 'blog author approving' stage, but I do want said author to know that I appreciate the update on her life! Also, perhaps this will encourage her to blog soon! (I hear rumors that said update is forthcoming . . . perhaps even in the drafting stage at this very moment . . .)

P.C. said...

Crickets are not vertebrates.

Jess, I hope you are enjoying it.
I may not fully understand why you spent time on number 3.

Anonymous said...

Jennifer, I published your comment! what a surprise. :) And yes, that blog post had been "in the drafting stage" for quite some time. I think I started it on Saturday, or maybe Sunday morning.

Peter, yes I am now fully aware of that fact! =)

Why do I spend time on number three.... *goes back and reads Erika's blog post* You don't understand why I spend time on college?

P.C. said...

Sorry I did not "fully understand" the "thinking/talking/writing/dreaming about college." part of #3.

Anonymous said...

Ahh, I see. I have to think, talk (I understand what I'm learning so much better if I talk about it), and write about college in order to do my studies. But I don't think I've ever dreamed about it. Erika made that part up. :)

Belle said...

Jess...not alone. Didn't know about crickets...never really cared Yes World, I am admitting it to you. Throw all people-who-believe-crickets-are-vertebrates-or-didn't-know (like me) to the lions...I liked botany, nothing really else in science.